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Pipe coverings have excellent capability of keeping
warmth and cooling by foaming polyethylene resin
into the independent bubble structure. In addition,
because they have both pair- and single-types, any
type of piping work can be done within short period
of time in a simple and rational manner. They are
the best pipe coverings having excellent weathering
property so as to be used permanently with one
construction and reduce the construction cost.
Furthermore, heat-resistant H-LON of Hansung
C&G Co., Ltd. is a high-quality cross-linked
foamed covering made by the extrusion foaming
method, which can be used in a wide range of
temperatures from -80C to 120C. In addition, they
are not affected by copper ions and do not cause
corrosion to copper pipes so that they can be used
in a construction with safety.
Type Symbol Maximum temperature


1st type P1 70 Prevent condensation, icing in water service
/ drainage pipes
2st type P2 120 Prevent condensation, icing in water service /
drainage pipesPrevent condensation and keep
warmth in air-conditioning coolant pipes

Thermal conductivity
(average temperature 20±5oC)
W/m , k , Kcal/m , h , ℃

Tensile strength N/㎠

Absorption amount

Thickness shrinkage
1st type

Less than 0.043(0.037)

More than 14.7(1.5)


Less than (70 ± 5℃)
2st type

Less than 0.043(0.037)

More than 24.5(2.5)


Less than (120± 5℃)
Main products Use Feature Note
cover * Pipings for central heating (Hot-water
..pipes) and plumbing
* Pipings for Solar heating
* Condensation prevent for apartment

* Excellent capability of preventing
..condensation and oxidation
* Very excellent performance of
..thermal insulation
* Excellent durability and chemical
* Reduce the construction cost
..and period

KS M 3862
(인증번호 :
제 10327호)
hose * Covering materials for refrigerator,
..air-conditioner and coolant plate
* Guide buffer material or baby carriage
* Air-conditioning duct or air duct pipings
* Comprising a number of uniform independent
bubbles, have low absorption rate and excellent
thermal insulation properties

* Highly flexible, light-weight and excellent
shock absorbing capability and durability

* Can be produced in any color the client wants


sheet * Keeping warmth inside the air-
* Thermal insulations for walls, floor and
..ceiling of sound-absorbing building
* Shock-absorbing package materials
backerrod * When finishing window frames, can be
..used as a filling material before using
* Joints of concrete structures such as
..assembly building, tunnel and bridge